Short Form Documentary

This project was unscripted. We shot Bruce Meyer improvising on camera about his car collection. After the shoot we ingested hours of media and created this IGTV series. We shot and edited the whole thing in house.

IGTV Beverly Hills Garage Episode 1
IGTV Beverly Hills Garage Episode 4
IGTV Beverly Hills Garage Episode 2
IGTV Beverly Hills Garage Episode 3

Long Form Documentary

Gas & Gears had completed shooting footage in hopes of documenting the livery design of a Ford GT from start to finish by famous car designer Camillo Pardo. They had shot everything but they had no script. They came to us for story development. We meticulously ingested the media and created a cohesive 3 part documentary series.

Sonic Orange Episode 1: Automotive Design
Sonic Orange Episode 2: White Canvas
Sonic Orange Episode 3: Color Pelette

Branded Content

With these projects, we work closely with corporate brands and their creative team to create branded content. 

Iron Canvas Promo 2020
Arroyo Outdoor
U-Charlie USB Port
Critical Care Comics

Social Media Restaurants

These promos were created for our restaurant clientele. They wanted an organic feel for social media. We shot and did post production for all of these.

Firefly Tapas Kitchen & Bar​

TikTok Ads / Promos

We created TikTok ads and promos with most of the content provided by the clients. We did all the post production work for them. 

PAT 2022 TikTok Promo
"Sunrise" - Producer Akeru
HikingTravelers.COM TikTok Promo
HikingTravelers.COM TikTok Promo
Flight55 Sessions Promo
HikingTravelers.COM TikTok Promo
"The Journey" - Producer Akeru
Far East Movement Live TBT
HikingTravelers.COM TikTok Promo