What is Circa 1995?

We came together and created “Circa 1995”, which is a visual art piece. It’s a throwback to LA’s underground house music movement in the mid 90’s. Growing up in Southern California, we enjoyed the 80’s and 90’s. Looking back we decided to create something that we can all relate to from anywhere in the world as a throw back. 

Now available on: Opensea.io/Circa-1995



Benefits & Utilities

When you purchase a Circa 1995 collectible, you get access to some or all of these benefits and utilities depending on the collectible you purchase. Each collectibles offers it’s own combination of the following perks:

  • 2 General Admission passes to the next Pitch A Tent Music Festival held at Playa De Ponderosa in Flagstaff, AZ.
  • VIP tickets Weekend Pass to the next Pitch A Tent Music Festival held at Playa De Ponderosa in Flagstaff, AZ.
  • Exclusive digital download of the “Tell Me” Track.
  • Digital copy of the NFT
  • Exclusive Event Invites

Our Roadmap

This is our Phase 1 launch. We are in process of building our community. The main goal is to build a community of house music lovers and help support our dj’s, local events, and promoters.

The Collection

We launched the Opensea.io/Circa-1995 collection with 20 collectibles. Each collectible contains the benefits and utilities described. The collection is growing.

The Inspiration

We captured some moments from the mid 1990’s in this video. Making this music video inspired this project, because we miss the 1990’s house music dance culture. This is for everyone who wished they had a time capsule.

The Music Festival

Pitch-A-Tent is an annual music festival event held at Playa De Ponderosa in Flagstaff, AZ. PAT 2022 dates coming soon!