CSM is a coalition of rebel creatives. We came together and created “Circa 1995”, which is a visual art piece. It represents how the human mind can convert sound energy into continuous rhythmic body movement in sync with the music. It is also a throwback to LA’s underground house music movement in the mid 90’s. Growing up in Sotuhern California, we enjoyed the 80’s and 90’s. Looking back we decided to create something that we can all relate to from anywhere in the world as a throw back. For us this was the underground House Music movement. My personal experience started with the Wicked parties in the Bay Area. Good times. Anyways, fast forward to today those days and parties have passed and after Covid-19 things are not the same. So we decided to create this NFT as a throw back to 1995, which was the hay day of the underground scene in Southern California.

This music video art piece was co-created by Hoss Sarbaz, and DJ/ Producer Akeru (Kevin Lau). Together we created a visual art piece that celebrates 1995. The importance of this art work hits on many notes. The most important is showing how the human mind is capable of taking sounds created by vibrations in the air and translating it into a smooth flow of continuous body movements in sync with the music. This is a true mutant power. We all have the same power, it manifests itself in different ways for each individual. The message is find yours and harness that energy.

The second important thing is, how much we loved the era we grew up in and how much we appreciate growling up pre Covid-19. The third takeaway is color adds life to anything it touches. We decide to accent the art with different colors to help set the mood.